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September 6, 2018 5:38 am

Act UP! protest in Chicago 1990 photo by /photos/genyphyr Barbara Gittings in picket line photo by Kay Tobin Lahusen (1965). 1970 Sylvia Rivera photo by Kay Tobin Lahusen. Servicemembers in gay Pride parade photo by. American blues singer Gladys Bentley (1907 – 1960) poses with bandleader Willie Bryant (1908 – 1964) outside Apollo ater where posters advertise a performance by Bryant & his band New York New York Ap (Photo by Frank Driggs Collection/Getty IMages) Minnie Bruce Pratt & Leslie Feinberg photo by Robert Giard. Username or Email Address Password Remember Me

“young dykes” (from Lesbian Herstory Archives photofiles marches 1980s folder) Are you following us on Facebook? So I started collecting m I scoured discovered regional library archives online and visited websites like fuck yeah queer vintage new york public library digital archives out history and know homo Unsatisfied with racial diversity present in imagery I found online I began scanning books screenshotting google books and even screenshotting documentaries It took months but every time I look at this post and faces after faces of queer women throughout history… I get rey excited! 1971 Albany Gay Rights Demonstration photo by Diana Davies. Gay Activists iance Softb Team photo by Kay Tobin Lahusen. I was looking for words but eventuy also for pictures Honestly before it was difficult to find very much lesbian imagery at online — it was always same ten or twelve stock photos — let alone pictures of lesbians taken prior to 2000 I wanted to see an evolution of our community how we’d grown and changed over years — and not just in a montage of famous out actresses and models but pictures of actual people pictures of women who were active in community — regular human beings writers and social activists. Three members of Lavender Menace at Second Congress to Unite Women New York 1970 May (May 1970) photo by Diana Davies. Click here for more posts from “ herstory issue” // “ way we were” I rey threw myself into Herstory Month in June eating every accessible herstory archive on internet and spending hours in library accumulating massive stacks of borrowed books which I stored at foot of my bed My girlfriend was not a big fan of stacks of books at foot. Estelle de Willoughby Ions with a YWCA Art Student 1954 via “Gay & Lesbian Richmond” “"if people don’t think y are wrong why would y hate preaching so bad?" Say this again clearly. Bonita Jeffries standing with her daughter Ira and Ira’s girlfriend Snowbaby (17) celebrating Ira’s 16th birthday “at a. Betty “Joe” Carstairs via butch-in-progress com 1993 Gay & Lesbian March on Washington via /photos/perspective “ user "cosimaus" has ir episodes on youtube (Megan and Génesis and sometimes only Génesis) - /user/brittanaluver13” NoMansLand “What in gosh darn hell is UP with Remy. “lesbian couple” in east village 1981 by. Susan Meiselas 1995 USA New York City Pandora’s. 1940’s “louise” via /photos/missing_linck Kitty Ely class of 1887 (left) and Helen Emory class of 1889 Mount Holyoke students via  1967 Joan C Meyers via “Gay & Lesbian Philadelphia” “two Friends At Home” by. Jannette Louise Spires Mary Alice Wesley & Brenda Ann Bush Tampa Florida Keannie Sullivan & Tommy Vasu at Mona’s via 1971 manonla evans and donna-burkett in wisconsin Guests at bar of chez moune nightclub ( longest-running lesbian club in Paris) via fuckyeahqueerpomps com 1945 Male impersonators posing at Mona’s via Wide Open Town History Project Records Courtesy of Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Historical Society. 1971 Gay rights demonstration Albany New York photo by Diana Davies. Kitty Tsui by Jill Posener for “On Our Backs” magazine “is it in your policy?” Nancy’s legal brain began to tick into over-time.“Yes” she muttered as if it was just a fact and not necessarily a policy “It’s been like that for four to five months”“Can we see a manager” I’m not quite sure I believed herAs we were still debating calmly trying not to cause a scene a sm man with a dark grey suit and a name badge was passing.“Sorry…Mr Manager Sir” lift attendant grabs attention of suited man“We’re trying to go to rooftop for live music” It became apparent that we had to defend ourselves.“Is anyone expecting you?” he added“Why should anyone be expecting us”“Can’t we go and listen to music” I looked at him deadpan as I continued our dialogue“I’m sorry no that’s our policy” 1930S Paris photographed by Brassai photographs were part of a series for his 1933 book “Paris By Night,” which focused on working-class dance hs known as bals-musettes. Education reformer Elizabeth Irwin via historyisqueer com “fat Chance” Dance Group Berkeley CA 1979 photo by Cathy. C1 Women’s Lib Ry 1982 © 2008 – Don Ventura 1995 “keisha and lia,” photo by joyce culver 1993 Gay Pride in New York City photo by Philip Jones Griffith 1977 Photo by Marie Ueda from Marie Ueda Collection Courtesy of Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Historical Society. Photo from silent film Amazons (1917) via knowhomo com Old Wives Tale Bookstore in San Francisco California Photo by Carol Seajay via  Lesbian avengers via photo by carolina kroop 1971 – Gay Pride Parade New York City (Image by © JP Laffont/Sygma/CORBIS) Lesbian Wedding 1968 via Wide Open Town History Project Records Courtesy of Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Historical Society. Via “Gay & Lesbian Richmond” (Adele Clark bottom center lived with fellow suffragist Nora Houston “as companions”. Register Lost Password? Photo by Dorothy Schmitz via “Gay & Lesbian Atlanta” Greenwich Village 1997 via /photos/perspective “san Francisco Maritime National Historical ParkP82- Training school Bethlehem Shipbuilding 10/14/43″ Couple in 1946 photograph by weegee via .org 1988 Mariana Romo Carmona and June Chan photo by Robert. Lifts were a few metres away being guarded by a large female attendant.“Where are you guys going?” she questioned.“Rooftop” I answered“Are you guys meeting anyone re?” this question again?“No” Amaka my cousin added“I’m sorry we don’t ow females up” For a split second re was an unsaid wave of charge that raged between three of at same time anor lady dressed provocatively was also being refused entrance to rooftop somehow fancied her chances with us and tried to move closer towards us We quietly ignored her Did y think we were like her? Even if we were since when did that give anyone a right to discriminate blatantly?“What!” Amaka barked“Why?” I ventured “since when?” Nancy almost cut into my question 1977 Germantown couple on porch photo by Kay Tobin Lahusen. “evelyn “Jackie” Bross (left) and Carine Barscz (right) at Racine Avenue Police Station Chicago June 5 1943 y had been arrested for violating cross-dressing ordinance.” via  Janet Gail and Carolina Kroon via photo by carolina kroon Inez Garcia at San Francisco Freedom. 1972 – “Lesbian Couple #1” photo by Kay Tobin Lahusen. Lesbian couple fighting for custody of ir child 1995 via Advocate “what exactly is that policy?”“ are not permitted to rooftop”“Why?”“That’s our policy”“We’ll be ringing hotel head on Monday to get some explanation about this”“Please do that!”He’s unmoved at threat of cing his superior So this is rey happening? Being turned away….So conclusion to my discovery is a man can welcome as many prostitutes as his lecherous heart desires but a woman is not to be seem as a prostitute Even those with honourable agenda will be judged harshly and worse imprisoned!Are we rey going to sit in silence about this?Memo to self: Be sure to ring Four Points Shiterton for clarification on hotel policy. 1973 – Gail and Kate Rebuilding Cathy’s VW Engine Emeryville CA photo by. This article was posted in Herstory “Congratulations! This is so precious!” acarly “Okay this is SO timely!! Thanks to autostraddle for always reading my mind! I’ve had probably hardest. Screenshot via “After Stonew” documentary Young couple seated in garden from Powerhouse Museum Collection via Via Wide Open Town: A History of Queer SF to 1965 by Nan Alamilla Boyd courtesy of. .push(Function() { y('div-gpt-ad-1518031867964-0'); }); GET YOUR PRIDE LOOKS Visit Autostraddle Store → Four couples of women pose for a photo ca 1910 — Image by © DaZo Vintage Stock Photos /Corbis Gay rights demonstration Albany New York 1971 photo by Diana Davies. 1971 Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade photo by Diana Davies. Gente A Women’s Celebration at Oakland Museum Oakland CA 1975 photo by Cathy. According to Mr Fashola and his Lagos State are out to solicit men So be warned if you happen to be in an event unaccompanied….you may find yourself bundled into a police van and fined for prostitution. This may seem like a far-fetched regime in Saudi Arabia or a tale from 1920’s Had it been eir it may have been an easier pill to swow At least n one would know social expectation of women clearly defined Not here in Lagos where it’s an unsaid rule women who want to enjoy Jazz with ir female friends can quickly evaporate that idea! Live concert at a hotel is also a no-no. Copyright 2009 - 2018 Excitant Group LLC Rights Reserved Comment Policy Lily Elise and Adrienne Augarde 1907 via fyeahqueervintage com Van dykes at 1993 march on washington via “ Advocate” Women embracing at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival 1976 photo by diana davies 1974 – Isis at IHOP: Seated L to R: Suzi Ghezzi Stella Bass Jeanie Fienberg Nydia Mata Lauren Draper Carol MacDonald and Ginger Bianco Standing is Lolly Bienenfield. Lesbian tent at Beijing International Women’s Conference Atlanta lesbian feminist iance. Founders of Daughters of Bilitis with friends at Juanita’s in Sausalito photo by Miss Cecil Davis courtesy of GLBT Historical Society Donna Gottschalk holds poster “I am your worst fear I am your best fantasy” at Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day parade photo by Diana Davies. “1950’s gay and lesbian couples” via /photos/missing_linck I’d also like to thank GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco for ir permission using photos from ir collection here.

“"bdsm misandrist wonder woman" Spectacular ! Please let this become real.” Beth “YES Would like to echo 100%. 1972 – Lesbian Couple Hollywood photo by Anthony Friedkin To enjoy more cultured Lagos lifestyle a group of are expected to steal borrow or grab a male companion It’s even accepted that man can invite as many prostitutes as he pleases But a lady has as much access as an ‘exit sign’!This is not a misguided view of Lagos…on Friday evening my cousin her friend and I were getting ready for a night out with a male friend But at last minute he was unable to make it Seeing as were already dressed (MODESTLY); re was no need to cancel plan toger Had we known we would have gladly done so to save shock But n again its better that we faced this archaic rule early on in my discover Lagos campaign. Dorothy ison with Alix Layman and Wolf-Michael 1995 photo by Robert Giard. We began our journey from Lekki to Four Points Sheraton (but I’d like to c it Four Point Shiterton) passing Lekki toll-gate We arrived within 10 minutes and gingerly parked at outside parking filled with excitement of hearing live music at rooftop We approached gate. At entrance we were greeted by doorman who enquired “are you meeting somebody” question was a tad harassing but it was simply brushed off“No” Nancy replied“Where are you going?” he continued“To hear live music at roof-top”“So you’re here by yourselves”“Are you alright?” I had to be sure!He couldn’t make out what we were doing re nor could we make out why questions were being asked.“It’s on second floor” he had accepted defeat

Outside courtroom press interviews Marilyn Barnett accompanied by her attorney Joel Ladin (right) after a Superior Court judge ruled that she had no right to a $500,000 beach house she claimed was promised to her by her former r tennis star Billie Jean King Los Angeles California Decem — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS Username or Email Address Password Remember Me