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Ben Conkl has been a loner ever sce his parents died when he was twelve years old This is one reason why General James Eiger selected him spend a year buried a bunker 11,000 feet below the Artic tundra manng the controls of a doomsday device set up by world leaders after the Hubble space telescope spotted 11 spaceships headg wards Earth The device is designed as a last-le deterrent agast alien vasion and Conkl's job shared with four other loners four other bunkers is hit a dead man's switch on the bunkers control panel that prevents the doomsday device from gog off and destroyg aliens and mankd alike At first the job is easy but as the aliens draw closer Earth and as Conkl grows closer his subterranean colleagues he begs doubt the reliability of the doomsday mache News from General Eiger becomes scarce then Conkl's fellow guardians beg fall victim assorted mishaps Conkl realizes that he carries the weight of 301 View comments ('bundle' function(){ ('p'); }); A Muslim convert who planned behead a had been radicalised by Brita’s most norious hate preacher just weeks before it can be revealed olm Ziamani 19 fell under the spell of cleric Anjem Choudary and his followers last April and became obsessed with the killers of Fusilier Lee after jog the preacher’s banned terror group al-Muhajiroun (ALM) he underwent a dramatic transformation that culmated him wanderg the streets lookg for a serviceman execute a Woolwich-style killg. Flammary messages: Ziamani fell under the spell of cleric Anjem Choudary (pictured) and his followers Women losg their kids and husbands and it really pas me that people just stand and do nothg and this country has a big role play this they know exactly was they r dog they don't care and it's a duty help my brothers and sisters because I have no means ov gett there I will wage war agast the british government on this soil the british government will have a taste ov there own medice they will be humiliated this is ISIB Islamic States of Ireland. Court sketch: Ziamani claimed he joed the radical group for somewhere stay but was found guilty of plottg the attackAnd despite close monirg Ziamani managed a hammer. For as long as Man (Jack Noseworthy) can remember he has lived aboard Ship as it floats through space And for just as long Ship has been his master structg him do the repairs that keep Ship workg and rturg him whenever he shows any signs of free will But when Ship orders him repair the Artificial telligence module Man's Father (Noah Heney) smashed years earlier a fal fatal act of defiance Man learns Ship's secrets Listeng the AI voices he learns how decades earlier one ship led a revolt agast its vicious human masters killg all but the 99 humans needed keep the ships runng He understands what his Father meant by his last words: ""There are 98 other chances."" Man meets one of those chances Woman (Polly Shannon) when she is brought aboard Ship breed with Man and give birth the next generation of slaves Their shared passions fans Man's spark of rebellion and when Ship rtures Woman and sends her. Capta Cotter McCoy (Lou Diamond Phillips) is the first of a new breed of As part of a p secret program overseen by Dr Greg Olander (Robert Joy) General Langsn Chase (Dale Wilson) and Cotter's friend Colonel Pete Butler (Scott Kraft) the contents of McCoy's bra can be temporarily transferred an android version of himself This process creates a virtually destructible fightg mache with the smarts and experience of a human beg But one day somethg goes wrong Durg the transfer the real McCoy's body is blasted with electricity sppg his heart flictg serious bra damage and leavg Cotter's md trapped the android body make matters worse the terface between his md and the android body is flawed McCoy's mor control is already begng break down and the terface will likely collapse with. Dlavan (Rene Auberjonois) and his family are Tsal-Khan offsprg of the handful of aliens who remaed on Earth after a bitter war of conquest with the human race day they live on a tightly guarded farm where they must grow all their own food sce their forebears poisoned all the plants durg the war with mankd Most of the aliens believe that the human race was wiped out the war but there is a group of humans the woods near the farm This group is led by Rebecca (Carole Goodall) escaped from the alien's robot run camps and cludes David (Joseph Kell) Ruth (Jane Sowerby) and the mute orphaned child Tali (Jessica Harmon) They are desperately hungry and have seen their children die from eatg poisoned fruit So when they spot Dlavan's grandson Ma'al wanderg the woods they follow him home the farm After they see the well-fed aliens Rebecca leads the group raid the farm.

From the outside the Golden Sunset looks like any other rest home but Dr Benn Adler's facility is different a few unsettlg ways The residents seem develop Alzheimer's almost overnight and after they do they live - or are sred - ty chambers a human warehouse It's the last place you'd expect fd Joe Dell a high-livg low-come old musician who lives with his son Hank and spends his time teachg the secrets of the blues his grandson Ronnie But Hank a tightly-wound surance salesman is wary of his father's fluence and after one fight o many he sends his father Golden Sunset But Hank and Benn don't count on the power of Ronnie's love for his grandfather With the help of Tara a young woman who lost her grandmother the rest home Ronnie discovers Golden Sunset's secret - Dr Benn has developed a technique harvest the skills and talents of the old folks his care And he's sellg them on the open market 1944 young Leon Zgierski (Roman Danylo) an mate the Birkenau concentration camp watches as First Lieutenant Karl Rademacher shoots his wife and sends his daughter the gas chambers The murder is witnessed by a mysterious figure time-traveler Nicholas Prentice (Alex Daikun) who grabs Radermacher's SS jacket and after eludg guards pulls out an antique watch and vanishes a glowg orange circle We then flash forward the present where Leon is an old man (Peter Boretski) and his son by a second marriage Aaron (Saul Rubek) is a lawyer who has made it his life's work track down Rademacher Aaron believes he has found the war crimal livg Philadelphia as Robert Greene (Jan Rubes) but he can't muster enough evidence convce his ex-wife U.S Atrney Gwen Sawyer (Ldsay Crouse) brg charges agast the old man That is until he gets help from the time-traveler who offers the jacket and presumably enough documentation Charlie Boun's (m Butler) last project for the nobotics Corporation was a sexy female companion robot named Valerie 23 It almost put the company out of busess when it went berserk and attacked someone So his bosses are skeptical when he and scientist Melburn Ross (Michael Shanks) troduce Mary 25 (Sophia Shas) a nanny robot adapted from the earlier model order overcome their doubts Charlie lettg the robot take care of his own children - a move that is met by serious resistance from his wife Teryl (Cynthia Geary) and his children Brad and Brook From the begng there are problems Unlike the human nanny Carmen Mary doesn't grasp the subtleties of child care and Melburn must fe tune her But Melburn sees that the problems go beyond Mary's programmg Charlie is smitten with his organic creation and has begun abuse Teryl - a woman with whom Melburn was once romantically volved. A hammer was also found the bag Police had been followg him for some time before they arrested himAs Ziamani was yesterday found guilty of armg himself with a hammer and a 12-ch knife for the copycat attack the UK’s most senior counter terrorism officer said the case illustrated how quickly disaffected young Brs could be and MI5 consider the plot be one of the most serious have threatened the UK sce the escalation of the Syrian conflict. Im not even gonna try and be polite about this straight the pot you people will never be safe Brits and americans Russians thousands upon thousands ov muslims die we will take a thousand ov yours then ten thousands and send you all the hell-fire you want war you got it British s heads will be removed and burend u cannot deafet the muslims we love die the way you love live my fellow muslim brothers these people want war lets kill them slaughter them and implement sharia our lands and every gay every Shia every Les Die the nonbelievers enuff iz ennuff remove evil implent good. My beloved parents Wat im about do is an e me for all the stress ive caused you the past im so sorry but im a changed person but now with the current situation Iraq and Syria and neighbourg countries my brothers and sisters are beg raped killed rtured. One human is the only permanent occupant of a station located on a vast empty pla of the moon His companions are an emotionless lizard-like alien species who have developed a highly advanced means of long distance travel by 'jumpg' through space. This sequel Double Helix Dr Ira Nodel (RON RIFK) has his body altered communicate with aliens who have seeded Earth with their genetic material He is joed on an alien spaceship by son Paul (Ryan Reynolds) Paul's Hope (Kathleen Duborg) and six students But when Dr Nodel uches a glowg post the ship's control room both he and Paul are consumed by a mysterious light This leads Hope and the students believe that they've been lead a trap a suspicion that is reforced when the ship captures two of the students and pulls them through the wall Desperate fd out what's gog on Hope reads Dr Nodel's journal and risks her life by uchg the glowg post Her body begs the same transformation and a strange glowg entity speaks the voices of Dr Nodel and Paul tryg communicate with her The ship however contues snatch the students two. Like the classic 1960s series of the same name each episode is a celebration of the human imagation which humanity's exploration of new frontiers technology outer space and the human experience reveal our greatest hopes and darkest fears Sries on The Outer Limits have explored the consequences of such controversial and thought-provokg pics as genetic manipulation alien visitation and life. The battle cruiser Tango Bravo under the command of Capt Roger Kimbro (Maurice Dean Wt) is captured by the enemy Ebonites as it attempts deploy a mysterious high-powered military device on planet N-1-8-4 Imprisoned side a large bronze dome the crew is addressed by The Voice an unseen Ebonite terrogar which demands they reveal the secrets of the device When they resist The Voice works on them dividually isolation probg their weaknesses and testg their loyalty one another Capt Kimbro is greeted by an all--real replica of a comrade he abandoned die Lt Chrispher Valente (Cameron Graham) is played a fake tape of Kimbro disparagg his ability as a Dr Elayna Chomski (Brandy Ledford) doesn't return from her terrogation at all and when Maj Ronald Naguchi (Rob Shou) goes for his he fds her body dead ripped open and suspended liquid Who will be the first snap? Kimbro? Valente? Naguchi? Do not fear dz people at all shoot them all the face n the chest burn the pubs with people dere do not fear them at all be strong do not mix with Christians and Jews and non believers Kill them all no pity but do not kill the women and children dont damage any trees or nature kuffar cant fight all the Christians will have surrender. The Episodes of The Outer Limits (1995) Last Updated:.

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By Rebecca Camber and Sara Smyth for the Daily Mail Published: 23:57 BST 19 February 2015 | Updated: 13:45 BST 20 February 2015 Chillg: When detectives arrested Ziamani they found a letter which he pledged behead British s Murdered: Ziamani became obsessed with the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby (pictured)With two weeks of meetg Choudary’s mob at Camberwell Mosque he was writg on Facebook: ‘Sharia law is on its way On our streets we will implement it.’Overnight he converted radical Islam tuckg his ankle-length robes underneath his clothes and stashg copies of the Koran at his ’s house keep his beliefs hidden from his after Ziamani left the family home Camberwell and slept at the mosque before movg with a member of the ALM group – who menred him at secret meetgs the basement of a halal. The OUTER LIMITS exames the classic domestic fable of a husband who leaves go the sre and doesn't return for ten years Where has he been? And why? It happens Trevor McPhee and his return is more than a little distressg for his wife Theresa especially sce he sists he was a car crash only hours ago Then just after they reconcile he vanishes aga for another decade Trevor fds himself trapped between two worlds; one is a recurrg nightmare of caves and predary creatures; the other is the real world ever-changg as civilization leaves him further and further behd Is Trevor mad or just reachg The Outer Limits? Killers: Ziamani was arrested August carryg a rucksack with weapons wrapped an Islamic flag – hopg emulate his ‘heroes’ Woolwich killers Michael Adebolajo (left) and Michael Adebowale (right) The discovery of a gifted scientist falls the wrong hands brgg what at first appears be a lifesavg miracle but ultimately the untimely death of his closest friend. Dr John Mart (Brett Cullen) a negotiar for the Department of Energy Nuclear Response Team is called when a disgruntled grad student takes hostages at a university The student Seth dtman (Peter Stebbgs) claims have vented a cold-fusion bomb and is threateng denate it killg millions unless the government brgs him five people on a list and kills them for him Mart's colleagues dismiss dtman as a crank until a sample device he provides goes off with megan force wipg out a DOE team and the p-secret facility where they work Faced with an impossible choice Mart meets with dtman face face and tries understand the logic behd his rage at the people he wants killed: cruel foster parents corrupt professors a heartless librarian As the clock ticks Mart tries reason with dtman while the military tries fd a way disarm the device. Let the punishment fit the crime: an ambitious venr Dr Jack Henson creates a "" virtual prison"" and wants the government adopt it nation-wide Usg his vention convicts serve a life sentence just a few hours Henson claims the harsh sentences will ensure that crimals never offend aga while the short time required cuts prison costs He seems be makg his pot until they connect an nocent man the apparatus and the demonstration goes sour save the young man's life Henson must submit his own vention -- and a lesson the true meang of justice. A world where neural implants allow everyone stant access formation Ryan Unger is a throwback a moron Because of a bra jury he suffered as a child he's unable tap the Stream -- an electronic collection of all human knowledge -- so he struggles va keep up by readg books a primitive and forgotten art But when a virus the Stream starts killg people by overloadg their bras with data only Ryan has the skills and dependence sp it Can a primitive human relyg only on books and his own bra save a world of mache-made geniuses from self-destruction or will the Stream wash over all. When detectives first arrested Ziamani June they discovered a letter which he pledged behead British ly Scotland Yard decided release him on bail when he denied planng any attack. The birth of a child is a joyful event but for Shal and Brav two young naive humans who live a small commune the woods it is also a mystery and moment tged with sadness After Shal gives birth a son the first of the commune do so she and the baby are taken away by Mother a wise alien who acts as a parent the young people When the aliens send Shal home without her baby she asks Brav help her rescue the child With the knowledge Shal has gaed from her time with Mother they break through the protective barrier set up by the aliens discover a new and fascatg world It is a dangerous trip with stgg snake-like crawlers lurkg the shadows But it is also a journey of discovery as Shal and Brav fd evidence that lead them believe that their real parents were killed by the aliens They fd their baby and after a fight with an alien escape the forest. The court heard Ziamani 19 planned use a black Islamic flag after he had attacked a or politicianBut he rebelled agast his strict upbrgg leavg school with no qualifications jo a gang volved robberies drug dealg and procurg prostitutes. Don't be there friends HAHAHAHAHAHA Looool!! I will fight the cause of Allah and I plan die a martyr and leave this world and enter the next shallah I love Allah and will follow everythg he please do not grieve please as I will be paradise if I die a ShaheedSo forgive me please for the stress I caused the past but becomg a muslim has changed me tremoundsly for the better n we must all strive fight Allah's cause. An alien shapeshifter who runs an unusual antique and bric-a-brac sre has some terestg lessons offer earthly residents. Dr Larry Chambers (Gregory Harrison) helped build the colony on the Janus Five He and fellow scientist Amanda Harper (Kimberly Huffman) run computer simulations that show the planet's star will flash over a matter of days emittg waves of deadly radiation so Dr Chambers urges evacuation This is not a popular recommendation especially among the colony's leaders who clude council chairman Frankl Murdock (William Athern) security head Montgomery Bennett (Alan Scarfe) and Amanda's father Ian Harper (Ken Pogue) They pot out that Chambers has been wrong before - the colony had be moved at great cost after he warned of deadly volcanic activity - and suggest that his judgment has been clouded by the death of his wife Elise When that doesn't sp Chambers Murdock and Bennett discredit him by falsely accusg him of beg one of the aliens who origally habited the planet. She added: ‘It was almost laughable – the night I first met him I was wearg a short dress and heels.’As Ziamani was warned he faced a substantial jail sentence at the Old Bailey Choudary said his protege ‘didn’t stand a chance’ because the jury was ‘biased’.Brita’s p counter-terrorism officer Commander Richard Waln said: ‘Ziamani was an impressionable young man who became radicalised then rapidly developed an extremist violent mdset.’ The Grells were rescued from their dry and dyg planet by humans only be turned slaves on earth Now the aliens are rebellg agast their masters fightg a guerilla war agast a government lead by men like High Secretary Paul Kohler (Ted Shackleford) When a jet carryg Paul his wife Olivia (Mara Sirtis) and their children is shot down by a missile his Grell slaves Jesha (Maurice Dean Wt) and Ep (Gerry Currie) have the opportunity escape Ep breaks for freedom and is killed when Paul activates the electronic slave collar all Grells must wear Jesha driven by his love for Paul's children Sara and Ken stays and rescues his master's family from the jet's twisted wreckage Despite his horror at Ep's death and Paul's brutal treatment of him Jesha remas loyal the humans He rescues Sara when the rebel slave leader Shak-El (David McNally) captures her Then he uses Grell alchemy heal Paul who has been mortally wounded a. Message of hate: Muslim convert Brustholm Ziamani durg an Islamist protest London May. Deep space A small planeid The sight of an tergalactic summit between two warrg worlds Diplomats from both Earth and Dregocia a distant planet are dispatched the neutral ground work out a peace accord We quickly come learn that Dregocians are human as well but a genetically-engeered race kept on Dregocia me Trion ore shippg it back earth run its power plants Now not unlike England and its colonies Dregoicians demand their freedom and aunomy from Earth But when a shuttle carryg the Dregocian delegation the summit site malfunctions and crashes apparently due sabotage thgs quickly deteriorate The delegation from Earth already at the summit facility watch horror as the crash of the shuttle sparks an exchange that results the mutual destruction of both the Earth and Dregocian flagships orbitg the planeid This sets motion a doomsday process that if allowed proceed will result. A knife was found his rucksack when he was arrested which police said he planned use the attack 'it was almost laughable': Ziamani’s ex- (pictured) recalled how the ‘kd affectionate’ teenager she loved changed with weeksHe was arrested aga Whitechapel east London on August 19 carryg a rucksack with weapons wrapped an Islamic flag – hopg emulate his ‘heroes’ Woolwich killers Michael Adebolajo and Michael i’s ex- yesterday recalled how the ‘kd affectionate’ teenager she loved changed with 17-year-old said he tried convert her – showg her video turials on how tie a hijab and looked up Muslim. Sce Dr Mart Nodel is the most brilliant geneticist the world the students and staff at the university are willg put up with a few eccentricities -- unlike his son Paul who gets impatient with his father's behavior However Dr Nodel's behavior goes beyond eccentric after he unveils his research trons mysterious genetic material which he believes hold the code for future evolution After a successful animal test Nodel secretly tries the formula on himself with amazg and disturbg results As his telligence begs grow so do scales on his hands strange markgs on his body and a mysterious hole his back And he seems be gettg stctive messages tellg him brg 'subjects' a remote wilderness location When he arrives there accompanied by six students cludg Paul and his he fds a group of heavily armed s and the key unlockg a mystery that goes far beyond human science. Tabloid TV reporter Judy Warren (KATE VERNON) knows she's come across a big sry when she sees the videotape shot by two urists a remote Alaskan park The tape shows Josh Butler (Alex McArthur) a recluse who lives a cab near the park brgg back life a young girl who has died after a fall a feat he accomplishes by generatg a mysterious blue glow But she only discovers how big a sry it is when her pursuit of the strange young man is cut short by a p-secret military unit that is also chasg him It seems that the blue glow sent out electromagnetic pulses that knocked out two satellites orbitg 20,000 miles above the Earth and the Air Force wants know what's gog on A battery of tests doesn't produce any answers leavg the brass lead by Col Roger Tennent (Scott Hylands) and Major Samuel Harbeck (Larry Musser) debate whether Butler is an alien or an angel - someone be dissected or be worshipped. Detectives were so concerned at the speed of his radicalisation that after his first arrest June Scotland Yard launched the biggest counter-terrorism surveillance operation sce the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby Woolwich dedicatg 40 officers full time keep tabs on his friends as Bruce Ziamani was raised a devout Jehovah’s Witness by his Congolese parents who ok him door--door preachg and forced him read the. After environmentalists successfully ban the huntg of animals a black market emerges with humans payg big money hunt androids who have outlived their usefulness the mes The androids are the perfect prey -- strong and telligent yet unable turn on their pursuers thanks an hibir chip that prevents them from harmg humans A group of bow-hunters George Nichols (Rob White) his son Eric (bias Mehler) his older brother Clute (Bob Gunn) and their guide Pete (David McNally) count on that chip as a safety net while they track down a quartet of androids led by Kel (Doug Savant) Eager provide his brother and his reluctant nephew with a real challenge Clute has secretly planted formation that allows the androids disable the hibir chip thus allowg them fight back The maches angry at beg turned game contemptuous of human bloodthirstess are only o happy oblige. The Mac 27 (Nicolas Lea) is the nobotics Corporation's most advanced android It is capable of emotions - order avoid the murderous failures associated with earlier models But the new protype begs showg some disturbg glitches and escapes durg a debuggg session killg a scientist a security guard and takg Celia (Nana Visir) hostage They drive a deserted warehouse where Celia becomes a reluctant nurse patchg up Mac's mangled circuitry Along with structions for his repairs Mac transfers visual data on the hisry of different android projects directly Celia's optic nerve As she becomes more comfortable with her capr she detects some very human qualities the motivations behd his flight As nobotics' security closes Celia tries convce Mac that the act of rebellg agast his crears is emotionally based and that he does fact have feelgs.