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Ok Now keep everything that we discussed so far in mind and read this: Did Sadhguru Kill. Our society lacks the necessary spiritual knowledge I head Sadhguru once say that “In many ways I am not suitable for today's world since there’s no room for profoundness” No matter how scientifically you explain them people just won't get it unless some overwhelming experience happens within them that they cannot contain it There are stories of many sages in India's history which we are ready to believe since none of them are alive If you want to truly know something don't care about what happened in his life instead check in person what he's capable of He's a phenomenal being which I personally experienced don't believe go and check out yourself once you are ready to spend committed time to attend his programs. [[ CTED_MODE_TEXT_LINE_1]] [[ CTED_MODE_TEXT_LINE_2]]

A case of murder or similar accusations being closed as having no evidence either means the case was closed because of “pressure” or the case was opened because of “pressure.” Which is the case here? It is hard to find any “hard” evidence because of the very nature of such “pressure” However the New Indian Express and the Tamil magazine Nakeeran noted that the local DMK MLA – DMK is one of the political parties in Tamil Nadu – had assured that “ would be put in jail.” (this is translated from Tamil).That gives a possible clue Probably the case was opened upon pressure For the police to close a case in a few months citing no evidence despite pressure from the local MLA probably means there wasn’t even a shred to pick up and make a case out of This is conjecture of course but I think this makes it reasonably clear that there was some pressure for them to forcibly file and make a case out. For more details in this case am referring to someone who has obviously done a lot of research on this topic:Sadhguru 's Wife's Death: Controversy & TruthSome other intellectuals claim that Sadhguru fled to the USA to escape prosecution I am surprised to hear such arguments because he is very much in India for last several years now and no action has been. It was after few years that due to her intense wish and priority she raised her energy to a certain peak that she can not contain herself in her physical it was during a meditation seminar that sadhguru waa conducting that she got up in the middle of that program she removed all her jewellery (due to disturbance everyone who was there were watching her doing all this ) then she sat for some moment in meditation then she left her whole thing happened in the middle of hundreds of people So how could this be a murder (according to some false baseless allegations).This is the highest goal for every yogi To left his/her physical body without destroying it.I again repeat if you will do certain sadhna for a certain period even you can do it There are numerous examples like Ramkrishna Paramhansa Vivekananda Mahavtar Babaji and. India is a land of saints and yogis from ages.A yogi is the one who has experience the oneness with the universe A yogi has mastery over his body mind and the live process one life energies get too much intense then it is very hard for them to be in this physical body But if one has gained mastery and know how this life process happen in the body they can maintain themselves in the physical one person leave their body without harming or destroying it any way then it is said to be that the one has attained “MAHASAMADHI”.So when once sadhguru told all this to his Wife ( Ma Viji ) then she insisted sadhguru that she also want to left her body in this way So sadhguru gave her some tools (asanas) to practice. Index Early Childhood Contact with Malladihalli Sri Raghavendra Swamiji Schooling Travel and Business Ventures The Spiritual Experience The Way Forward : Teaching The First Yoga class and Children Isha Foundation and Isha.

By the way my wife’s father knows that in my wife’s caste it is not a custom to cremate the body He also knows that it is not a custom to cremate someone who has attained mahasamadhi Probably you know this as well No one cremates a person who attains Mahasamadhi they bury him Tell me now isn’t it 100% sure that I am don’t confirm that yet Probably my wife is an accomplished yogi Probably I can give a valid reason for all the questions that has been raised above So you decide to give me the benefit of doubt But I not only say that my wife is not an accomplished yogi I also don’t give any valid reasons for all the questions raised above Now what? Do you still think there is a chance to believe me? Childhood Swami Vivekananda was born on 12th of January 1863 in Kolkata India to Vishwanath Dutta and Bhubneswari Devi It was the occasion of Makar Sankranti a festival celebrated in certain parts of. Early Childhood: Swami Sivananda Saraswati was born in Pattamadai near Tinunelveli Tamil nadu India His birth name was Kuppuswamy In childhood he showed a great perseverance in academics and gymnastics Academics and Job. Early life: Eckhart Tolle was born in 1948 in Lunen a small town located in the Dortmund Germany His birth name is Ulrich Leonard Tolle His early life influence can be understood by: Parents fights […] : Anyway I bribe the police when they arrest me and I use my political tie-ups to somehow escape from the situation But after few years I become an influential person and a spiritual guru in the society and I get thousands of people as my disciples They now think that I am an authority and I am also enlightened I have a long beard and a good background of being a guru for the last few years You visit the ashram as a new comer you haven’t heard much about me before you become impressed by my talented speech and you become surprised by seeing all the people who think that I am an authority You begin to trust me and become so receptive that now you have some blind spots in your intellect You love me so much and love is completely blind If I tell you that mahasamadhi story now that which happened a few years ago will you believe me? You probably will. Early Childhood: Paramahansa Yogananda was born on 5 January 1893 in Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh India His birth name was Mukund Lal Ghosh The only testimonial about his childhood is from his younger brother Sananda According […] You will hear two versions:1)People who like Sadhguru would say she attained Mahasamadhi.2)People who don’t like him would say that there has been a murder,Right now both are beliefs Both of the groups really don’t know what exactly happened We can’t say anything with what is more probable? How many of you have witnessed Mahasamadhi and how many of you have witnessed a death for any other reason? Obviously everyone would say that they have witnessed the latter one quite often and they have never witnessed Mahasamadhi (If anyone of you have really seen someone leaving the body because of Mahasamadhi please comment).

Later you also find out that me and my wife had quarrels because there is another woman who is my close friend and who talks to me don’t know if I have been cheating on my wife but you certainly know that my wife is not happy with my friendship with that woman And you really don’t know if it is just a friendship or anything more After remembering this do you still think there is a chance to believe me? There are those who claim that the case was dismissed because he was a godman People should remember that he was just a yoga teacher who had taught hardly 1000 meditators probably in 1997 He was not even very popular outside Coimbatore area So just this knowledge rubbishes. Below answer was copied from the elaborate answer posted by Mr Andy for various queries FYI. (Adsbygoogle = oogle || []).push({}); Early Childhood: Jiddu Krishnamurti was born in modern day Chitoor District of Andhra Pradesh India (at the time of his birth it was Madanapalle city of Madras residency India) on 11 May around 1895 […] Let us say that I make a call to my wife’s parents saying that my wife is no more and she attained Mahasamadhi Imagine their shock misery and panic after hearing that their beloved is no more My wife parents get shocked hearing the news and ask me to wait till they reach my place They immediately get ready to come to my home Not knowing exactly what happened and filled with confusion shock and agony they want to reach my home as quick as possible to have a last look at their beloved ’s face But I cremate my wife’s body before they reach my home Tell me now what would they think? Wouldn’t you confirm that I am lying? If I am not lying then why is there a need to cremate my wife’s body in such. Childhood Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was born on 17 February 1836 to Khudiram Chattopadhyay his father and Chandramani Devi his mother His family was an orthodox Brahmin family His birthplace was Kamarpukur village Hoogli West Bengal India […] But does that mean Mahasamadhi doesn’t exist? No that simply means we haven’t witnessed anyone attaining Mahasamadhi Obviously when a lot of books written in the olden days talk about Mahasamadhi there may be some truth to it who if my wife suddenly dies and If I say everyone that she died because of Mahasamadhi will my wife’s parents believe me? Will the police believe me? Will any of my neighbors believe me? Will anyone of you believe me? So the natural response of people will be to think that I. About 7 months after the death the New Indian Express newspaper reported in August that a case had been filed in the Bangalore police station against Sadhguru accusing him of causing the death of his wife The case was transferred to the Coimbatore Police However 8 months later a news report notes that the case was closed after investigation by police who found no wrongdoing and concluded that there was no case for further investigation. She was murdered by her husband “Sad Guru” who cremated her body early the next morning then fled the country His excuse was that she entered “mahasamadhi”.If such a thing had occurred in the state of Kentucky USA he would be hunted down extradited and tried for 1st degree murder and most probably convicted But because it occurred in Tamil Nadu where government officials can easily be bribed including family members nothing came. Childhood: George Gurdjieff was born in Gyumri (then Alexandropol) in Transcaucasus (then part of Russian Empire) His father Yiannis Georgiades is said to be of Caucasus Greek descendent and his mother Evdokia of Armenian origin […] Childhood: Ramana Maharshi was born in Tiruchuzhi Madurai TamilNadu,India on 20December 1879 His birth name was Venkataraman Iyer He was born in a hindu brahmin family to Sunraram Iyer his father a court pleader and […] I hope at the end of sadhguru's life will show us how to do is master of Yoga and all so he must know it.I believe that he will not die just like how normal people die in this world He always choose to go with Mahasamadhi option and I have suggestion that he should do live telecasts on that time all his followers believe. I am replicating a section of a very long answer just written: Raj Vuppaladhadiam's answer to Are the allegations on Sadguru true?Sadhguru’s wife Vijaykumari attained Mahasamadhi in the year 1997 In the yogic culture "Mahasamadhi" is an act of intentionally and consciously leaving your body The Oriental culture has seen many Tibetan Hindu and Zen Masters such a this graceful exit from this world This is seen as the ultimate and a feat that requires utmost dedication and determination in one's yoga Sadhana It is saddening that such a person is not looked upon with reverence for. Sadhguru’S wife attained Mahasamadhi in the year 1997 Mahasamadhi is an act of intentionally and consciously leaving your body This land has seen many such Tibetan,Hindu and Zen Masters take this graceful exit This is seen as the ultimate and a feat which requires utmost dedication and ed when such a person is not looked upon with reverence for when people do not understand it they comfortably put it in a way they understand even if its false and there is no evidence for it Thorough investigations was done and no evidences could be produced Law and Order restored justice where it in case you want to see the people who look upon Vijji Amma with reverence you can pay a visit to the Isha Yoga Center and her Samadhi there. (Adsbygoogle = oogle || []).push({}); (adsbygoogle = oogle || []).push({});