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September 5, 2018 10:11 am

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Maira 7:04 am cant wait for tonight episode!i started watching this drama without any expectations but who knows i get hooked and been waiting for it since last week u drama!the love-hate relationship that the otp have are sweet,funny and making me wants more from them really recommended to those who love romcom drama Soundtrack 12:54 am Guys thiss is the English that we are looking for It's BIG BABY DRIVER - ALONE AGAIN It's been released today with the other OST : BIG BABY DRIVER - FOR THE FIRST TIME and 1Sagain & Just - Beautiful Girl After the debt revealed next is about AR's miscarriage ? how and what will happen to Woo if he knows about this ? Maypluka 3:16 am I had watching this drama eps 1-10 Excellent! So far this drama is sooo funny and heart-warg Love it! I can't wait the next episodee Omg i'm addicted! & Joo Sang Wook jjang!! ♡♡ reisnel 11:16 am funny & cute!!! sang wook. Loving this 2:21 pm I was re-watching every episode before the final episodes show It's a such amazing and great drama I like it so much The comic scenes were very cute I appreciate the scenes between the two leads specially in the bathroom scene I hope that the end will be happy Starr 2:13 pm I love this drama!!! Joo Sang Wook is so cute!!! Starr 2:10 pm I love. Chick 12:59 am Another case of a family wth hard working women and good for nothing men who try and bd them dry Time to throw THAT scenario out However the good looking rich man characters---how can you tire of them? ace_28 3:47 pm Wish it turns in good endings so can following till the end with a big smile Fighting oppa. Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 TV programs (including news sports variety etc.) for that day according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson Comments Leave a Comment Name (required) Mail (required but will not be published) Chick 3:28 pm @Peter great comment---especially the last---LOL Peter we ladies watch these dramas and drool over the lovely men because we like to look at nice things In nature it's like that as well--the peacock for example His colors and array are meant to attract the peahens They like that he is so stunning At any rate for me beauty within is preferential but that doesn't stop me from enjoying looking at the beauty from without in dramas or on the street Egap 10:27 am I watch this because of but then i fall in love with joo sang wook his laugh and facial expression in this drama is very hilarious lol love 7:15 am really love JSW in this federica 4:05 am really love this drama!!:D so cute and funny love Kook Seung-Hyun(hope he won't fall under the second lead curse) need more higher rating Yeah I think I'm going to hate her character Sounds like the golddigger type lol Jim 6:57 am @Jenny: I think he looks FLAWLESSLY SEXY in that photo Jenny 8:33 am Joo Sang-Wook looks terrible in that picture I couldn't even recognize him haha! I love - L is doing well these days he's not that bad for an idol Only 16 episodes is good news too! Please bring back 16-ep dramas like the good old days! The plot seems interesting but I bet it'll still end up being your typical korean rom-com Dark 8:16 am My favorite one Love the lead couple to the maximum level bibi 6:51 am This drama is a must watch!! Neo 12:20 pm It is a wonderful drama I'm kind of confused by people getting upset at her mother pointing out a nice guy with a promising future as a negative thing Isn't that what mother's do when they are match making? Some people seem to have some fantasy view of relationships tbh You only think her feelings are valid if she took notice of him before her mother said something which I think is wrong Sometimes you need a little push to notice a guy/girl especially if they aren't your type of the surface She's still not interested in his money If she was she would have taken the alimony She was also pretty shocked he would spend so much on wine at dinner I don't think she has any interest in being a millionaire like him but she does want revenge Miichan 11:42 am I feel like this is a spin off of get karl oh soo I don't know if I'll watch it it makes me cry how they make the leading such a week and stupind woman I hate that in dramas I hope this will get better but I'm not so sure please writers make for once a stronger and reliable. Kitkat_027 9:29 pm Na ae ra is so funny I think there is a deeper reason why she left him is so cute and funny and i love that there is real animosity between them It makes their interactions realistic melissa 1:17 am @chick Maureen 11:20 am I hate to admit and I must confess guilty as charge! I under estimated J-Woo he officially cog along! He’s a change man Man of potentials and played fair-square! Very rare to see a man with sense of humor! I love that about him His charm captured my heart! Imagine my relief! This drama is so overwhelg! Aera could be ly teaser in a loving way just to get some attention But wow! I’m blown away! maureen 11:21 am - portfolio tells all She’s well rounded actress that all men would fight for… (posses and obsess)….just giving a little hint Yo Ma 10:37 pm Let's be real NAR will still be depicted as a gold digger by everyone Just like that one woman in the drama stated would she really be trying to get back with him if he had no money? I think the most reasonable ending would be CJW going bankrupt without money and NAR still remaining by his side This would show that NAR actually cares about him (loves him as an individual) and not his money Like CJW "In marriage you're supposed to support each other both through the tough times and bad times." Then you can end this drama with some kind of miracle to restore CJW's wealth and then live happily ever after at the end But first that notion of NAR being a gold digger needs to be resolved Frosty 3:51 pm Take a look at the picture above So cute While AR is looking impishly at the camera she is lifting JW's pant leg with her bare foot Love korean drama 9:47 pm Love this drama End too fast Highly recommeded Download the Viki app to watch your favorite shows on-the-go! Amandalovel 8:06 am Saranghae Kim Myung Soo Oppa! I'm watching this just because of you! Eventhough you're not the main character or what you're still the best in my heart and life!! Oppa Fighting! You're always the best!!! I LOVE YOU L OPPA^^ <3 Karen 11:45 am oppa Seo Kang Joon ♥ Carmen DelCastillo 9:14 am Finally one of my favorite actor joo sang wook hope this will be good one I used to like hyung but her face looks so different I can hardly recognize her *sigh 6:49 pm @maureen hey hater just get. Could she have been a little too rash in divorcing her husband? Na Ae Ra ( ) marries the nerdy genius Cha Woo (Joo Sang Wook) but divorces him when he fails to achieve the success she wants Although a little self-absorbed Ae Ra learns that life is not that glamorous as a divorcée and learns to live on her own through sheer hard work But when Ae Ra finds out that her ex-husband went on to achieve success after their divorce and is now the president of D&T Software Ventures a venture capital company she schemes to win him back But can Ae Ra carry out her plan when Gook Seung Hyun (Seo Kang Joon) has his eyes set on her and his older sister Gook Yeo Jin (Kim Gyu Ri) also vies for Woo’s heart? “ ” also known as “Sly and Again” and “Devious Divorcée,” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Go. Sisilia 10:23 am The title really didnt bring much justice to the female lead character She really isnt so much of the "" type In fact she is like the everything you can call a good wife She isnt materialistic she just being realistic The only mistake that happen in their 1st marriage was that they lack communication and honesty between each other So im really glad that they end up again together (although i might said i ship her with the 2nd lead during the1st half of the series :-p) Overall a nice drama 8/10 ^^ melisa ho 7:18 pm The. Black 9:33 pm I didnt know why this drama rating is llow on the tv's And some call that this drama is boring,average,etc in my opinions this drama is one of the best romance drama that i've ever seen Espicially the awesome plot that makes ppl changes their dset overtime for Na Ae Ra The acting was very well and the ending is satisfating too So overall 8,5/10. Jian 9:34 am Can anyone summarized seo kang join character?? Is he in love with main lead / one sided love or he get his own love ?? Thank you in advance ^___^ I need to know to start watching >< thanks again jsw 3:45 am and joo sang wook's dream house in is the same house that was used in the drama birth if a beauty which joo sang wook played a. Frosty 10:33 pm How pitiful was that ending in episode 14? I wanted AR to just run in and hold JW Though I am disappointed in SH I think he will turn around and do the right thing in the end He's sensitive and loving and is just trying to "iron out" his family problems and at the same time receive love from AR 2 episodes to wrap this up I just don't see it happening I call for an extension!!! Verra92 1:25 pm Love you both Ae-Ra - CJW Real Couple 'HOPE' & "HOPE" CLS dont leave meeeeee This is really comfort me they are. Shiru 1:43 am Liked it a lot something to watch for laughs in between more serious and heartbreaking dramas But that CEO spends more time in the elevator than his office :-) kupukupumu 6:05 am Almost completed this series and have to say it is a good show and quite entertaining On pure entertainment value this drama is above Emergency Couple if you need to compare But still below Fated to Love You again if you want to compare. :) The lead - really shines in this drama Recommended for sitcom fan although it is not comedic it worths the time. Frosty 6:42 pm WOW!!! This will be one of my favorites Great acting great writing/directing great ending What a super couple Such chemistry I am sad for YJ and SH tho Thi Thanh Huyen Dao 2:22 pm It is really great Thanks for this and waiting for the next episodes Klimco 10:05 pm I realy love this drama omg waiting always for the next epidodes hope it will extend to 30 epi douae 10:21 am what is the song Na Ae-Ra sang in karaoke? it sounds familiar ep 5 please :( 1:37 pm i love this drama!!! form episode 1 until now i found the story is interesting^^ the chemistry really good i forgot in a moment that already married hehe Sittie28 11:59 am One of my Favorite Korean drama !!!!!!!!! the story is so amazing and interesting in each episode you watch the more you get thrill of what will happen next :) <3 Cha -Woo & Na Ae-Ra <3 Perfect couple scha 4:05 am my current favourite drama!!!!!!!!!!!!although seung hyun is handsome attractive romantic and whatsoever i'm still ship Woo and. Kate 9:07 pm The more I think about the situation the more I sympathize with Ae Ra Her desire to be taken care of obviously stems from the instability her father and brother brought to her family growing up - it sounds like she spent most of her childhood watching her mother work hard and her father drain the family resources I do think she's a little more up front about wanting her spouse to be able to provide a certain level of comfort than most people feel comfortable with - although I like to think that what she said about that during the divorce flashback was motivated by her desire to hurt JW as much as possible in that moment or push him away for some unknown reason Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Mohan 1:22 pm I really-really love this drama love the couple too one of the best romantic comedy k-drama Muni 9:26 am OMGosh!! soooo much loved this drama!!!! Ah jinja i'm in Love again~ Joo Sang Wook shii~ kkkk lyla 11:55 pm love this drama sooo much all is perfect i like Joo. Fsh 7:12 pm At a glance the storyline similar with Emergency couple but im sure the director will make different tho cant wait for this drama Definitely love sang wook acting Good luck 인피니트_Inspirit 6:06 am Myungsoo oppa hwaiting!!!!! Inspirits will always support you!!!!!! 화이팅!!!!! 사랑해요!!!! XoxoJenn 10:11 am Definitely will tune in. Krysa 6:23 am To Gdr: Watch him in Running man Everybody loves his laughter. :-)))) gdr 3:29 pm oh! i can't even tell how much i love joo sung wook laughter!? it's a great drama! totally recommended ;)) Koreandramafan 11:55 pm Loved the different acting from JSW! I was pleasantly suprised! This drama kind of started off a little slow for me but I'm a sucker for romance so I was rooting for them to get back together! I love how 'dorky' JSW was And LMJ is just gorgeous to me! :) I liked how they showed the different family dynamics and what it makes people Overall great flick! Renee 11:16 pm the ending made me smile one of the most memorable dramas ever Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Maira 9:20 am OMG!!All Guk's family are being ridiculous now and i hate them Ughhh Money sure can buy people heart but using force sympathy and threat is too much and annoying I just hope Woo would give up his CEO position left the company and just disappear and let Seung Hyun manages the company the way he wants it to be I also hope Na Ae Ra knows where to find Woo(lol) stay by his side give him strength cure his "plastic flower" start anew and yay!happy ending for us :) For now i feel sorry for Woo and Ae Ra They are trapped in others problem Just think about your happiness before you think about others Woo ssi and Ae. Valentine 8:02 am looks like emergency couple fangirl 5:56 am Joo sang wook is soooo handsoomee fangirl 5:42 am I love joo sang wook than any other actors! he's soooo handsooomeeee! Current user rating: 92/100 (3711 votes) // Cloverleaf 10:37 am I don't want this drama to end perfect actor and actress Highly recommended!!!! Ae-ra 11:59 am The drama is really perfect and well I rate this a perfect 10 <3 I can't wait for the last two episodes but because of the Sewol Sinking news the airing of the drama postponed I really admire the network for this they prioritize that incident :) Maureen 1:46 pm Look who's talking! Call himself CEO and call his x-wife greed! Can't judge the book by the cover! Aera might be acting like crazy but she's pure heart of gold Who's truly the greedy one? Title of that jerk position doesn't mean anything That jerk doesn't originally own the Company! That jerk just an employee like everyone Wow how so convenient! Why can't that jerk just marry that widow real owner of the Company so everyone knows who's the one really greedy! Poor Aera tried to bury her past married to that jerk facing alone with obstacles As they say - pain is beauty! Let it out and it'll be over A new day a new life and that will be of her high lights 4 words comes to d - Aera is. Wi 2:29 pm This sounds very similar to emergency couple Hopefully it would be better Plus I love and joo sang wook FIGHTING!!!! BL 6:07 am Some people said that LMJ is not a good actress Well I can't give my opinion since I never watch her dramas LMJ fighting !! Show us that you deserves to be called as an actress :)) JSW oppaaaaaaaa be sexy as always :* :* Scyld 3:55 am One of the best korean drama Highly recommended!.10/10 I love the chemistry of the two second leads portrayed their roles well I was hesitant before watching this drama bec of some negative comments however i'm grateful for some of the positive comments that i've read as well Definitely I watched and 100% enjoyed it.!!! Nur Daeya 8:44 am Does anyone knows about instrumental songs that been played at Ae Ra's house when she back with Kang Joon at episode 9: Like this. Panpan 12:57 pm The ending of 12th episode is really hmmm !! JSW you deliver your line perfectly :D :D laura 9:41 pm I wonder why the ratings are so low it's really an enjoyable drama. Guest001 11:10 pm I liked the first episode but not interesting enough for me to tune in for the rest of the series I didn't like Na Ae Ra's character She should have stuck by her husband that's what marriage is for When you love someone you must stick by them and support them no matter what I guess she didn't really love him from. Iklil Fatihah shi 12:14 am it such an awesome drama but can i watch trailer for ep 7 plezz!!!! :) Seung Park 10:42 pm I think Every Woman in this world wants a stable life with her family Joo Sang-Wook is the first make mistake person Why he didnot disscuss first with her wife And the second why he sacrifice her wife to do All part time job to support him I agree it was a hardtime life in their family but actuallu he must discussed fist with his family Talia 11:02 pm Ratings do matter because it means people in korea like the drama and cast and staff are going to get incentives if ratings are good I feel bad for this drama Its a good drama with popular actors The male lead is even more popular than the one in Emergency couple but Emergency couple is without a doubt more successful Somehow I think one of the reason why this drama is a flop is because EC came first this drama has a lot of similarities with EC I mean a lot and they don't have a baby gook (hehehe) It's always compared with EC I feel really bad for this drama the tig is really bad Definitely worth your time People need to. Sign up to add timed comments and connect with millions. Autumn 12:23 am Can't wait! This is going to be great! yujinlove 12:22 am Seo Kang Joon is going to be in this too <3 omggg he's so hottt <3 like I literally wanna marry him <3 I hope he does really well in. Rei 3:50 am does anyone know the title of the song used in the scene where Ae Ra talks about her miscarriage? I'm going crazy because I can't find anything on google and it's such a good song can someone help me??? Selene 5:32 pm Great show! I would give it a 8 out of 10 Because some things the writers included were not necessary and some things were not completely mulled over enough for it to make a great deal of sense There were some scenes just not needed at all and some were just simply overkill It seemed a bit rushed Good things take time But overall it was a great program Wendy 10:18 am Cute drama! Entertaining and worth watching It's not the typical high School dramas BATHIA 5:11 am All 3 mainstream broadcasting channels in South Korea have postponed their reality and entertainment programs as they may be inappropriate for the current situation however dramas and soap operas on KBS and MBC will be continued SBS however will be broadcasting special news coverage regarding the Sewol sinking all day until 10. Peter 10:19 am Watch all dramas as i like the kdrama plot lines she is in However I am unsure of this one as Joo san wook fans always irritates me and he is the main guy i don't give a damn if he is good looking i only watch shows that has interesting characters and plot lines Watching a show because there are hot guys or girls is kinda shallow i hope people support this show because of the story and characters and not how you want to get into your. Cookiedough 8:57 am I'd recommend this drama to all of you!! ♥ soyoung 4:42 am If you like emergency couple you might like this hello 5:59 am Oh My Gosh I LOVE this drama! Totally recommended! 's Fan 8:47 am very sad to see its timeslot it will be far behind SBS's My Love from Another Star+3 Days and KBS2's Inspiring Generation Please don't label LMJ as a special low-rating actress Maureen 8:40 am Grand Finale is about to unfold and here’s the punch line – flash back! J-Woo on the verge of losing the high powered job he lives for in exchange the un-imaginable Affair with his ex-wife Aera caught in act right handed in the middle of their rekindled romance Who knows what! The unexpected results will stun everyone and neither do I so excited to see the finale I quote: “The resulting romantic head on – collision ignites a series of deliriously comic deceptions that prove when it comes to true love J-Woo and Aera hearts can’t tell a lie.”. Chicklet 3:38 pm THIS IS ONE GOOD IF NOT GREAT DRAMA! Soooooooo funnny! Joo Sang Wook and versatile actors- they could passed being comediane actors - was already laughing out loud just for watching the first episode Actually i like their love team both handsome and beautiful already looking forward to the rest of the episodes- to the whole drama team keep up the good work! liz 3:38 am L so handsome!!!!!!! Be wise 5:36 am @TaeYoung if you're a fan of PSH you don't have to dish harshly another actor that you think he's no better than your idol it's just childish TaeYoung 3:26 am is so pretty only reason I'm watching this drama Joo Sang Wook is kind of ugly in that he looks ridiculously old in his "new" look someone like Park Shi Hoo would have been better plot is ok I guess although it seems like some sort of bad mix up of cheongdamdong alice and emergency couple lol Koreanlover68 3:40 pm I love this drama I just wish that the 13th episode would come out faster I can't wait!! mvm 9:13 pm wowee!! nice end for ep12 I love this drama!! and now for the next twist can't wait till the next ep comes out!! Frosty 8:02 pm THE KISS----finally! Now let's see how many obstacles they will have to overcome before they can move into their dreamhome Frosty 5:27 pm I am amazed that the girls in the office are not falling all over SH He's a total gorgeous package Also a few scenarios could happen YJ's father could seek revenge on JW for dissing his daughter by financially ruining him and SH could oust JW from his position in the company At any rate JW loses everything and AE stands by her man Lusi jang 10:53 am I really like this drama funny & very interesting really recommended in so beauty I can't wait to watch the next episode Zaous 5:32 am I watch it because I love those are a couple >> - & Seo Kang-Joon Seo Kang-Joon always in the drama has no luck in love Every series I've seen him even in ( Cheese In The Trap ) rere 12:49 am this is a good drama I'd give it 7/10 hey does anyone know the song used in episode 14? the bgm when ae ra talks about her miscarriage? 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Gfan 6:54 am SPOILER WARNING!!! This show is very good It's quite meaningful and revolves around how a marriage should work I dislike the ending though it was rather rushed And I didn't like how g's character ended up even though I knew how it's gonna end it did not stop me from wishing she wouldn't end up with Sang Wook Marriage is about compromise not convenience Sang Wook's character failed to redeem himself IMO I especially wanted to smash his face at the beginning Kang Joon and 's characters felt like a better pair. My guess as to why Ae Ra left JW(as others have speculated based on the scene where she hold her stomach in ep 1) is that she had a miscarriage because of the stress she was under at the time meaning that supporting his desire for large scale success basically ruined her dream of a family Sometimes these plots really go the extra mile to wrench your heart though so I wouldn't even be surprised if she is not able to become pregnant now as a result or if she did have some kind of serious sickness and chose to divorce him so he wouldn't be held back taking care of her/be strapped with medical debt Anyway I hope they show some happier times from the four years of financial hardship because I'm definitely having a hard time figuring out why I should be rooting for JW and Ae Ra when I am loving Ae Ra and Gook Seung-hyun Learn_En 12:49 am Its start boring in the Middle episode uninteresting conversation bad plot this drama is above Emergency Couple rate <90 simmi 5:13 pm wow!! what a great dram it was!! really quirky about the rather sad realities of real life specially married life but that's the art koreans have developed to transform some regular thing into a gem!! as i have become great fan of korean culture,people and offcourse great looking actors!! the leads in this drama were absolute delight to watch highly recommended to watch for ENTERTAINMENT only love. I WANT MORE NERDY JOO SANG WOOK 4:51 pm It ended too quickly! I'm really going to miss this drama and I just love seeing joo sang wook and acting together! The two have amazing and hilarious chemistry and I really loved seeing joo sang wook play a dorky nerd He's too cute!! Definitely a light and happy drama that I would want to rewatch!! And it didn't even have a crappy ending like most dramas these days!! urggh god's gift love and. Dave 10:28 am the first time when I was watching this drama I thought if the the story was weird the story about the couple who divorced I thought it wouldn't be good But I continued to watch and wow the story was really amazing it was not the best drama I have ever seen but it was the most unique drama story I have ever seen the story was different and very dramatic we can learn about togetherness sacrifice love and forgiveness it was really beautiful! mfae 12:52 am. Julia 4:57 am I watched both emergency couple and I admit i watched EC bcs of Jihyo and watched this CSL bcs of If I can compared EC is a bit slow rather than this drama This drama has so much feelings that you can't tell Excitement funny romance and love EC? I just watch for the sake. Salma 5:48 am AwEsoMe !! This drama is DAEBAK DAEBAK DAEBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK !! I love the CAST ~ I love the Script ~ I love the whole storyline ^_^ Waiting for ep 11 ^~^ Can't wait anymore !! Wanna a PREVIEW WAAAAAAAA3 I'm addicted to this drama. Love this drama! 2:27 am I cant believe there is ONLY 2 eps LEFT!!! Just finished watching ep 14 Why!? why i don't want the CEO to lose the company He worked his butt off to earn that place so how dare his sponsor threaten him to marry his daughter!! (SOOOO ANGRY) I want a happy ending: CEO and Aeri happily married (wealthy) She also never wanted to live 'uber comfortably" She wanted a decent life You can see the first episode she didn't like business people and liked a steady salary Cynthia 5:36 am Sang Wook ssi hwaiting! Always love watching your drama and can never get enough Can't wait for this new drama of yours where you will be the main character! Cheers from Singapore fu 2:41 am <3 Joo Sang Wook S2 <3 Melissa 11:27 am Some of you must be watching another show AR isn't in the wrong as much as her ex-husband thinks she is I'd go as far as saying he was about 80% responsible for the marriage falling apart for failing to live up to what he promised her and having no consideration for her feelings for not discussing things with her As for her feelings for him she has a realistic approach to life Love alone doesn't feed you If you aren't looking to marry (if you want to marry) a good man with a good job you are stupid But people don't stick around for 4 years suffering multiple jobs with no money and debts and then pay off debt his debt after the marriage ended if they have no feelings for someone She would have dumped him the ute he quit his job if she was like some of you suggested .push(Function() { y('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Lisav 11:48 pm I have waited all week for today's episode What happened? REM 11:03 am I'm totally in love with this drama ♡♡ this drama makes me laugh so much and also cry T_T after this drama I just felt in love with Joo sang-wook ♥-♥ and now I wish that my future husband looks like him lol cute funny and sexy keke >__< ♥ Ryan 12:39 am Lalalaallala my favorite drama jona 7:23 am does anybody here knows the song in episode 14 when cha won accidentally hear what aera saying to her friend? pleasee please please Amalia 8:51 pm Someone remembers the name of the OST that plays when CEO quits to his position (at the end of the episode 15)? Sly and Again is back after last week’s hiatus — just in time for the final two episodes Now that all the secrets are (finally!) out our focus turns to how -woo and Ae-ra can reconcile their feelings for. Vie-Eel 8:53 am L ! oh i'll be waiting L ^^ even he's not lead actor i hope his role will pretty important so he can appear more often than in master's sun kyuelf 5:37 am Omg ↖(^▽^)↗ she's so pretty And L (myungsoo) with them it will be awesome Adhe Talla 4:38 am This is gonna be awesome Well I'll be waiting for. Ohho 11:03 am What irritates me after watching the 2nd episode was the so typical problem in kdrama that the drama has While the main lead is having money problem there will always a character that not helping at all but gives her trouble instead which is her brother Why oh why? While hoping that Ae Ra will changed and learn to love Woo not because of his status or wealth someday than the drama give me this typical crappy character (the brother) oh i just dunno why am i so emotional right after i watched the scene where he told Ae Ra that he took 'some' money as delivery fee??? I just hope the drama gets better and the brother will not giving her other problems later drama and writer-nim Kdrama Fanboy 3:22 pm My favorite drama ever was marriage not dating has tied up with my favorite kdrama ever never thought this could ever happen Binged watch in 4 days while studying for finals Akon 6:29 am ouch those who said this is boring must be some kids who only like flower boys in their life kkkkkk JSW is the life of. Chick 10:33 pm AR was never really crazy about JW as he was about her From the beginning her motive was to snag someone who would take care of her in a comfortable way Now that JW is wealthy her motive is to snag him again Not because she loves him but because she wants to live comfortably-- UBER comfortably JW senses this so is giving her a hard time I think hoping that AR will come around and love him for who he is Where does that leave our cute little SH who is doing everything to show his affection for AR? I believe he will make his way to the top of the company and give JW a run for his money so to speak as regards to AR's affection Love this show! Great casting writing directing Imee 10:58 pm I really love the Story of this korean drama! Jose 8:57 pm This is a fantastic drama I love it I don't understand why the ratings are so low ??? Does anyone know who is singing the ending song on episode 8 ? thank you Frosty 6:45 pm The chemistry between the two main characters is awesome I'd love to see them together in another romcom Amel 8:03 am MYUNGSOO OPPA! glad to hear that you will play in this drama^^ I WILL DEFINITELY WATCH IT I PROMISE! oppa fighting! don't forget to take a rest and eat properly:) johahae oppa jeongmal nomu nomu joha<3 i will patiently wait hihi^^ saranghae:){}<3 can you saw my phoyo on instagram? @amel2210 ?? komawo oppa" -amel indonesia- Merry a noer 2:01 am oh i like this drama both main artist are cool hope this drama is happy ending ae ra and joong woo can remarry again so i will keep continue watch this drama with big smile and happy izabel 2:45 pm I watch this drama smiling from begining till the end Both the main actors are cute and funny Joo Sang Wook is absolutely stunning and gorgeous and scenario is pretty good and acceptable so i have. Gra 8:58 am Ya I guess this drama is going behind SBS-KBS drama just like @ 's Fan But it doesn't matter for me It's gonna be the 1st 2014 K-Drama that I watch Since it's rom-com It's good to see funny side of JSW oppa Oppa fighting ya Actually I'm waiting for your in Ten 3 :D :D It's good to see JSW - LMJ in drama again since Kimcheed Radish Cube/Just Love in 2007 (MBC) They are good friend and I already feel good chemistry that they'll show us :D :D KHJ`S beloved 2:04 pm Can`t wait Websitecomments Aru 10:30 am Na Ae-Ra and Kang -Young friendship in ep2 they made me cry One friend like her is enough we can cross any headships in. Eve 9:31 pm Love it such a nice Love story and some scenes are really funny hope everything end up well for the couple Cha woo and Na Ae-ra pipay 8:59 pm Sooooooo funny!!!! Every episode is really worth seeing and proven that and Joo sang Wok are versatile actors best comedienes so far very natural in their acting in comedy! AHHH can't wait for next episodes next week! So far sooo good love them as a couple! Congratulations to the writer- you full out a very excellent story! Capricorn 8:22 am It's fun watching this romance comedy tv series so excited to watch the last two episodes i love the character of Joo Sang-Wook Hope can watch again another drama series that he is the lead character It'sjustme 6:23 am Joo Sang-Wook is just fantastically funny and - is so pretty! I LOVE this drama too sad it's down to its last two episodes Wish there's more of this type of drama for easy and fun watching! Ditdit 12:06 am This drama is another true definition of what a 'Romantic Comedy' is! I really love its story and the characters as well as its casts is really perfect for the role of Ae ra and same goes with the rest of the cast I also think that the reason for the divorce is way deeper than what woo thinks I actually am rooting for Seung hyun and Ae ra because woo's kinda selfish for me and Seung hyun's personality is very stress-relieving just what exactly Ae ra needs Anyway this drama definitely deserves higher ratings because personally I can't wait for the succeeding episodes and its twists and turns Let's keep supporting ! I do think this one will be daebak internationally and receive a lot of love from fans globally Love. //

Sous 4:58 pm Love you love you love you Joo Sang wook You do the romantic part the best I followed your shows since giant and you are yet to fail me The rest of the cast is very good too they did a great great job This drama is fab I watched it all within 26 hours (unlike the drama before that which was "angel eyes" it was boring and took me like 2 weeks to finish it) even though the storyline is a cliche and was predictable but at the same was highly entertaining Wish Korean carry on doing these wonderful dramas to keep us happy Since I found out about Kdramas I stopped watching dramas or reality TVs in my country Lyla 11:52 pm love this drama sooo much all is perfect i like Joo Sang Wook :) ema 7:13 pm Very nice drama complete package of romance and comedy yammi 7:54 am I like the drama but mt comment is Kim Gyu Ri is not appropriate to the character sorry to the followers Yeo Jin Kook should be prettier that Na Ae Ra Ms Kim Gyu Ri features like. 김하진 4:15 am Actually I love this drama I just think that the episodes went too fast the character of -Woo admitting his love for Ae-Ra was a little exaggerated maybe? But I really love and I look forward to watch the 2 last episodes Frosty 1:30 pm I read somewhere that they are skipping the last episode and completing the drama at 15 Any feedback? Inspiritshanen 7:16 pm Kim Myungsoo oppa as secretary?? Hahaha this will look cute! Just like in 's MV 'Love Blossom' :D OPPA FIGHTING!!! <3 mmm 4:15 pm so who will win the new cycle?? they got "3 days" to beat with yoochun and right now the plot seems like a mess to me so i'm gonna bet on 3 days winning Download the Viki app to watch your favorite shows on-the-go! Nana 2:05 am Dont think this is a good drama and there're many bad actors For this kind of drama (story of ex-couple) I think "Discovery of Love" is much better than this drama meme 1:59 am Just a boring drama with average k-drama storyline I downloaded this drama because I read comments in this asianwiki page which said that this drama is great But,I don't think so Now,I know why it had bad rating 9:09 pm the way woo and Aera looking at each other in the last part of ep 8 6:32 pm why is the rating so bad? this drama is really good :O Jules 1:46 pm I watched this two stars in Kimcheed Radish Cubes way back in 2007 but they didn't end up together in the story This will be interesting because the intervening years have only improved their acting skills And the thing is they hardly changed in appearance,only matured but in a good way Joo Sang Wook has gotten better acting wise and in looks as well has also improved in more ways than one No need to compare it to other dramas because let's face it there is no such thing as original stories anyways All are recycled The thing that will make a difference are the actors portraying their characters How good they are in doing so and in adding a certain spice to their respective roles En 100% • Korea Romance Movie Buff 11:38 pm Characters were hilarious Sang Wook was so funny talented and all together throughout the whole drama just great love to see him and should get some awards for such change in his characters Mr Choi was also great all of the main characters role was a big plus We the audience just love a good laugh thanks to the story writers were sensational we need more Thank you to all the STAFF - Good Job I hope awards would be given where deserved Trangbb 2:20 am I watched this because of Joo Sang-Wook Otherwise I think this drama is boring too I found JSW from Birth of a Beauty (which is my new favorite drama of the year) UGH he's so cute! LDH 2:18 am I used to wondering why didn't get many drama to play when she has such a pretty face But now I know why Her acting is not really good She couldn't show her emotion through her acting Sorry for LMJ fans but that's what I feel after watch this drama n her previous drama Moph 10:08 am I want to ask the same thing The song of Episode 14 when miscarriage was revealed Try to google and everything didn't find Thanks for the help if anyone knows zang 7:51 am What's the songs' title that plays in " " Korean drama that plays at the ute 10:58 of episode 14?That episode where the miscarriage was revealed? Thanks :) Titapyoong 11:25 pm OOOh those smile of seung hyun (aka kangjoon) pyoong I'm falling in love his eyes also beautiful *melting* Chick 1:39 pm @ Melissa I do get your point but remember when her mother pointed this guy out to her and she started flirting with him? I mentioned that initially she was interested in a comfortable life and later on she became interested in his more comfortable life I do agree about each being responsible for the marriage falling apart I do agree that she could have dumped him after he lost his steady income job but I think she was hopeful that his ability would pull the scheme off She just reached her boiling point JW is not acknowledging what she did bring to the marriage and that's what irritates her It's a good motivation for her to get even Anyway we saw things differently but I think each of our points. Yujinlove 12:19 am Seo Kang Joon is going to be in this too <3 omgg I love him <3 he is literally the hottest guy ever <3 I hope he does really well in this <3 Gabriella 5:43 am waaaa! my hubby is there! L oppa fighting!<3 BamBam 2:38 pm Ok Wait a ute They married and divorced but she tries to get him to marry her again only because he became rich? Katykatz 5:40 am After the two episodes I stopped watching this drama because 's character irritates me I feel like there's no room for character improvement in her part and the plot doesn't really make sense for me goat 12:52 am The third episode was sooooooooooooooo funny Jenny 8:21 am I really love 'as acting she's the only TV actress I like watching but show is too cliché I'll pass Peter I don't get how fans irritate you when you're watching a show You mean their comments? Stop reading them Because most Korean (and Japanese) dramas are made for women who "want to get into oppas pants" haha The stories are all the same there is almost no other point in these silly shows Also bear with it: yes every time a hot girl/boy appears people will talk about how beautiful they are how is that a problem? Don't be jealous :) Garlic 4:18 pm Why do people think the ratings is that bad ? It's not that bad actually though it's aired on public TV Pure romantic comedies do not do well recently and for EC it has good ratings because of its time slot (as one of the reason) not many dramas aired on Friday & Saturday 20:40 so the competition is not really that tight. Arabic German Greek English Spanish French Indonesian Italian Japanese Polish Romanian Thai Tagalog Turkish Vietnamese and 31 more languages You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!. Sdg89 8:31 pm CSL is a good drama… no matter what about the ratting but the storyline is good and romantic i recommended you to watch. Dy 12:08 am i hope jiyeon will be in this drama with myungsoo it willl be amazingg jynix 3:34 am wooow i can't wait <3 KHJ beloved 4:38 pm I really can`t wait for this drama I love this kind of dramas Frosty 8:57 am While waiting for the next episodes to air I have appeased myself somewhat by finding other past dramas that Sang Wook and have been in---not together of course this is their first And I don't know how many times I look at the newest episodes before the next ones come out So I would classify myself as a " " and SW and MJ addict! I need to get. Eps was up 18 cents and beat the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 20 cents Notwithstanding the fact that S&P credit rating for Israel is still AA - amid a still shaky global environment - four Israelis have been awarded the Nobel Prize and Israel tech investments have produced consistent and significant returns which only continue to climb jigsaw 6:37 am Best drama ever first drama that i watched from start to finish without skipping Myungsoo was so. Ckw 2:52 am Dear Tom you are unmitigatedly incomprehensive condense imbecile if you believe 's character is anything like the characters in Birth of a Family Infact if you look at from every POV JSW's character is far more selfish and self centred than LMJ's She is shown to be more selfless than him both in the past and present There's a break point for everyone when they suffer and when she hit it she left him That does not make her a bad person JSW is selfish as he decided to pursue what he wanted without thinking of her and drowned them in debt and troubles Maureen 7:40 am Regardless the situation they’re all in – They all need to work as a team – J-Woo is a professional business man that justify him – Without his expertise no one can sail a ship without a captain – And it takes two to tangle – Aera is naturally born smart and talented – Only her ability and knowledge will make way for all of them – As for Gyu-Ri and Kang-Joon - Love does not envy boast rude or proud - Because J-Woo and Aera are one of a kind - Their love define who they really are – They bore fruit believe and hope all things their love never fail – Because their love always trust patient. *sigh 10:52 pm @maureen Don't be too emotional maybe that's why you think your life is like a drama :D maureen 11:27 am Hi Sigh I can be a hater or a lover - it all depends I can relate to this drama that's my life What's yours? On second thought it is all about this drama I love all the actors and keep your nose on me Just watch and see Are. Natsu 1:55 am I just have one thing to say I Hate Byung Hun so Much! Jenny 6:25 pm Peter I don't get how fans irritate you when you're watching a show You mean their comments? Stop reading them Because most Korean (and Japanese) dramas are made for women who "want to get into oppas pants" haha The stories are all the same there is no other point in these silly shows Also bear with it: yes every time a hot girl/boy appears people will talk about how beautiful they are how is that a problem? Don't be so jealous :) K_Lover 12:22 pm OMG just 2 more episodes? NOOOO :(( netzki 10:05 am Don't Know (모르겠죠) Oh Yoo Joon (오유준) is the title of that song @me ok 6:21 am I hope this drama will be extended <3 loving the story line and the characters F.s 7:24 am Such an awesome drama!!! Really like it :) Can't get why ratings are so low! Hope it will be a commercial success very soon! My favourite drama currently airing along with Bride of the Century Keep up with the good work!!! Gra 1:56 am @ gosssh that scene is really eheeeem more than sweet I think hahaha Select the site language for displaying all messaging on the site including all menus buttons and labels Content Language Select the content language for displaying show titles descriptions and subtitles The language will revert to English if your chosen language is unavailable Cupcake 2:32 am Reasons to love this drama: 1 Joo Sang Wook 2 Goofy Joo Sang Wook 3 Cute moments of the OTP (you just can't resist they're so lovey-dovey couple) Did I mention Joo Sang Wook? lol This drama is a must watch! <3 lamelama 12:02 pm This such a greaaaaat drama! I'd recommend this drama because the story is just awesome and yet it has light 'drama' within the show The main characters killed it! The chemistry between Cha Woo and Ae Ra is very irresistible! >< Tra 9:34 pm I love you Oppa Joo. Lifechanging 5:01 pm Great drama!! It has one of the best endings in kdramaland! Very satisfying and funny drama! (: Love the actors & actresses especially the leads Love the secretary team leader manager and big mouth characters too :D Jacq 12:08 am Absolutely LOVED this drama!!! From episode 1 to the end it was so captivating endearing & funny! The 2 main leads were amazing w/great chemistry Sang-Wook truly showed his acting skills in all aspects he truly is phenomenal! This is a MUST see drama!!! so well written!!! It would be great if there. Anastasia lin 2:37 am TRully a comedy romance drama I've watch 2 times in a week Good job for all the crew and the actor and the actress WAnna see you,Joo Sang Wook !! Kim 9:33 am When I first saw the trailer I thought it wasn't good But I finally watched it it has some family values that are meaningful I actually like it. Iljsw 3:43 am I think those who can relate to this drama will like it This drama is honest + realistic Great storyline! And the casts are all very goodlooking! Im in love with them all!! IM 3:43 am JSW first romcom and he's awesome awesome awesome Love him so much as CJW And LMJ fits to NAR very well Thanks dramagod for this couple JSW-LMJ are very good actor/actress but I think they are so underrated in K-viewers' eyes Don't. To me it seems like the simple stable like JW and her started right after they married and the idea of a family together in the future was enough for her (and it sounds like JW promised her those things when he proposed) JW seems selfish to me for deciding to chase bigger dreams three months into their marriage without even talking it through with Ae Ra first I don't think he gives her nearly enough credit now for what she did to support him for four years and I hope the record gets straight about the alimony/how she paid his debts. Cutey doll 9:11 am I am a HUGE fan of !:)) I find her acting so adorable & cute! ^ ^ She needs to star in a melodrama genre drama too! I really wanna see her in different kind of characters & dramas! I hope that this drama will win viewers' hearts & have HIGH ratings! "Miss Korea" failed in ratings & couldn't beat "You Who came from the stars" so I am worried! No matter what,I will always look forward 2 's projects! she always has chemistry with her co-stars! I HIGHLY recommend you to watch "All About My Romance" & ignore the ratings!! You can also read the comments below that drama & see what I mean Aja Aja Fighting! ^ ^ Sorry this content is not licensed for your here to learn more This show does not have any episodes Khen 8:25 am Wow is very pretty viona 8:08 am is more beautiful after maried inrome 8:06 am nice two episodes hopefully the plot will be more interesting for the next episodes Flerzki 8:46 am Two thumbs up! I really love this drama I watched all 16 episodes non-stop! Jenny 9:15 pm AMAZING LOVE THIS DRAMA TO THE MAX!! Why is there no preview for episode 11?! Oh my God this is driving me crazy I need episode 11 so so so badly! Let's hope that they will get back together in the end please! I see so much potential in this drama I believe that if they get back together they will be even happier than before Since they have through so much they will learn to understand each other and embrace one another's flaws Scodazzi 4:14 pm Ah really this drama makes me angry all time i can't stand this kind of women they disappear in difficult moments and expect to take the advantage of gold moments claig all the rights!!! Ah i'm going crazy kick her ass!!! ella 3:14 am Must wacth it!! Highly recommeded whacky 10:36 am i. Gra 7:04 pm Yup I agree with @garlic it's not easy if your drama airs between Monday-Thursday the war of ratings is very tight at that slot But it's good since this drama at least can keep their existence in top 20 Different with drama that air in Friday or Saturday Ep14 the bathroom scene is the best it makes me. Wisa 3:48 pm I really enjoyed this drama from the very beginning I never like marriage diviorce then fall in love again But this seemed interesting to watch This drama is funny and cute and the reality of struggling marriage between two people who take on revenge that ends falling in love with each all over again I love it cant wait for each episode Ratings deserve better Sang wook and best couple Recommend to watch sarrie 2:23 am Like this series so much especially Joo Sang Wook and couple  :) Eve 10:19 am "She's the ERROR in my life," said Cha Jeong Woo It's so funny the way he pronounced 'error' was quite similar to 'Ae Ra' :D marieruu 7:54 am So far I am liking this drama but at the same time it annoys me - I mean she deserves to be treated like that ish how can she get mad at Cha Woo when she was the one who divorced him? -.- like uh? Youre suppose to marry someone not because of $$$ When marrying someome you guys are meant to stay together whatever yous may go through -.- #justsaying Yoyomama 12:39 am so far I loved the pacing of this drama - not so slow and not so fast though at first I didn't know who should I hate the girl or the guy but as the story progressed I learned to love the two haha some undeniable spark manifested by the lead couple made me pleased throughout the entire series :D the ending was lovable maybe some parts of the finale were left implied that I was unsatisfied with it. :D I couldn't compare this drama for now to "emergency couple" since I still haven't watched it. :D Jessie 5:48 am GREAT DRAMA funny!! All the leads act excellently and i laughed continuously! great to watch if you want a "feel-good" rom-com!!! ! Fightingg! maureen 11:23 am aren't we all !!! sigh please take note: the whole world full of it are you not? - is a good actress She inspired me and this drama is very entertaining and so amusing I'm very impress by. Verra92 12:43 pm CSL don't leave me >< Cha Jong-woo & Ae-Ra hope you're a real couple hahahaa they really make lovesick jayjay 12:35 pm i'm more mesmerized with Joo sang wook's acting in this drama! awesomely funny/dorky & all that! good drama & great chem with ! i wished though this drama is longer than 16 episodes! i'm gonna miss watching this! kudos to JSW & LMJ for their great acting! I hope they pair them again in the future! Chicklet 6:07 pm Oh boy!!! This drama is sooooooo good and funny! i never get tired re watching previous episodes until new episode comes Oh my goodnesss the last drama that i never get tired re watching was " Full House" and now -this one! No dull episodes ever - great storyline actors very well in their respective roles- great! great! the drama that is worth to be extended i don't know why it's not rating in korea- that's their ( i mean the viewers) problem their missing out on one great and worth. Ae-Ra ( -) is focused on her appearance as she believes it will lead her to a better life She then meets -Woo (Joo Sang-Wook) who studied engineering They eventually get married but they also get divorced After their divorce Ae-Ra goes through difficult times Unlike Ae-Ra though -Woo becomes a successful IT developer and very wealthy Now Ae-Ra tries to seduce -Woo to marry. Maureen 1:10 pm The whole crew did an amazing job Very outstanding audition! I laugh my heart out! I never get to watch a romantic comedy drama but this! Scale from one to ten this one is perfect ten! It’s phenomenal-over beyond! Ronaldo 5:04 pm I watched many korean tv series I found the story similar to "Get Karl! Oh Soo-" but this tv series really amazed and entertained me truly happy family romance and comedy I can compare this tv series in "My Princess" Actor Joo Sang-Wook seems look alike of actor Song Seung-Heon. Panpan 3:57 am Ratings ? Nowdays people watch drama on internet so ? hahaha There are many drama that have bad rating than this one But people in the world keep watching that because they love the in Korea the rating is bad but people all over the world still appreciate it How if someday they make ratings by all viewers all over the world who watch drama via internet ? haha that must. Criselda 5:20 am Very nice kdrama one of the bestbIve ever watched But sad coz only 16episode hope more from them Please make part two Movie Buff 10:14 am Very enjoyable drama and entertaining Joo Sang Woo was was so so funny love him in this different character that is the first time I ever saw him in a comedy and my favorite comedy person All the characters were great and I applaud the staff and writers Good Job There should be more comedy romance that make sense not silly/stupid to entertain our audience We thank you all for a wonderful drama Keep on fighting Sam 10:09 pm I really hope they give the second lead a chance I always feel bad for the secondly lead I hope he gets The girl in this Drama ✊ Fighting Secondly lead josie 10:02 pm I really love this drama I just hope that they Na Ae Ra and Cha Jeong Woo will end up together They deserve a second chance to be happy since they love each other Forget Bout the parents They are not the ones getting married and living together anyways Me 4:23 am hi is anyone know title song episode 13 part Seung-Hyun sad about Na Ae-Ra at gallery ? can anyone help me this song so touch my heart also seung hyun want to cry when he see Na Ae ra ♫You won’t know you won’t know ♫ Nighty 7:47 pm I never care about the ratings it's none of my business It's the producer's business I just enjoy the show and CSL is great @asianni I'm sorry to say this but I think you're biased asianni2 11:29 am I'm started watching a few episode since EC is finished I think its great a bit too similar with EC but good And I thought it would have good ratings but it didn't even reach double digit This is not a cable drama right? such a shame I think this is a good drama well If I have to choose this or EC I would recommend EC but I am a fan of running man so I might be biased Lp 3:20 am Possible *Spoiler Alert!* I enjoyed this series for most of the episodes Without giving away the ending the last episode seemed like a bunch of supposedly "feel good" pieces all thrown together No development Too bad There is no build up with a satisfying solution or conclusion to the story It's really disappointing to invest so many hours into a show and have it end like that lisa 4:14 am the best Korean ever! I highly recommend pipo to. Bl 6:05 am CSL fighting !! MBC will air 2episodes on this 27th February :D :D Some people said that LMJ is not a good actrees Well I can't give my opinion since I never watch her dramas LMJ fighting !! show us that you deserve to be called as an actrees :)) Joo Sang Wook oppa be sexy as always :* :* Natsu 3:00 am I dont like 's Character here its not the role of a lead actress but rather the support actors or the villain its a hateful role waaaaaaaaa huhuhuhuhu I love her so much still!!! ='( anyway i'll just wait. Loving this 2:18 pm It was very nice very touching with a happy ending I like it and I admire the chemistry between the lead couple It was so sad that was just 16 episodes Great job and Thankyou so much for this romance-comedy isnen 9:51 am im already watch the final episode,and its happy ending but i thought 16 episode is not enough and i wonder its gonna be 20 episode will miss joo. Frosty 1:55 pm PPL don't fret about the ratings This drama will be timeless unlike most of the other tripe they are showing these days The lead characters should win couple of the year because they are so charismatic and have total chemistry together The story line is believable direction is good and Sang Wook---- so good with the comedy and serious parts in this drama He switches from Nerd to a total CEO hottie at the drop of a hat----as though he is switching from one foreign language to another was hysterical in that drunken graffiti scene yet so pitiful when she recounted the loss of her baby Guy Ri and Kang Joon are also bringing it on Here's hoping the ending doesn't disappoint like so many of these dramas do So far (14ep.) AUSSOME DAEBAK FABULOSO Lyssa 10:42 pm Love this drama love JSW & acting & entertaining story lyssa 10:40 pm very good JSW & LMJ character so much such a good actor & actress Test 5:53 pm For me one of the best feel good drama I soo love everything about it the story line is awesome and the lead characters including the siblings are just perfect!! Highly recommended Kleopat 10:17 am I watch the first 2 episode Although I like both the lead I might watch it later since Emergency couple got the "divorced couple getting back together" story line covered 's character irritates me and that's cog from a fan I probably watch it later just because I like the actors and not because I have any interest on the storyline I hope the story would get better in the upcog episodes BL 9:31 am @TaeYoung and now your PSH feel really embarrassed having a fan like you Sorry but show your respect for all of actors/actresses Movie Buff 9:28 am I notice Choi Cheol Ho his character was wonderful and great acting he did a good job keep on fighting Thanks to the staff writers Enjoyed the drama with our favorite actors and actress casting Looking forward for more I heard wonderful consensus from other people I hope to see you all at the awards it should be recognized Also Joo Sang Wook L and Seo Kang Joon you guys ROCK Thanks again to you all Julia 10:23 pm I'm fascinated with this Kdrama! Aera and J-Woo are a very cute couple Does anyone know the meaning of Aera? Thanks :) Justsomeoneawesome 5:42 am Love this drama so much It's nice seeing Sang Wook taking on a less serious role - finally making us see his comedic - adorkable side But guys if this is your first drama of Sang Wook then you better check out "Giant" For me that's Sang Wook at his best role But just so you know his character there is a complete 360 degrees of his role here in CSL He is nowhere near Cha Woo but I promise you'll love him just as much - or even more! lofty angel 6:02 am. Seq 8:08 pm Awesome drama can you please tell me the title of the song played when they are reiscing about their dream house? Perfect song to play Pleaseeeee thanks a lot seq 8:07 pm Awesome drama can you please tell me the title of the song played when they are reiscing about there dream house? Pleaseeeee thanks. Senru 9:58 pm wooooow love this drama soooooo much it's AWESOME totally fallen to lead couple they are superb BEST ROM COM OF YR 2014 DON'T MISS THIS LOVABLE ONE legit paid surveys 12:16 am It's really a nice and helpful piece of information.I'm satisfied that you just shared this useful info with us Please stay us up to date like this Thanks for sharing Well everyone has their own taste about anything Some said it's good some said it's bad But I'm happy that even this drama has low ratings (well I never believe in K-drama ratings) I'm really entertained & learns many things And happy too that most of international viewers enjoy this so much that's a big apreciation for the team Sometimes a simple thing (just like this drama with its simplicity) can bring more happiness to us This is what we call as romcom hahaha while in another drama that classified as romcom the makjang things suddenly kick the rom/com out in a halfway Thanks. Marilyn 10:13 am Joo Sang Wook oppa I can't wait to see more of your talent in this drama!!! Love the different roles you're venturing into and the different looks you're sporting I think you'll shine in this rom-com because you're so witty gorgeous and talented! Saranghae always and cheers to you and that this drama will be a smashing success!! Love Love Love JSW! Cyp 9:57 pm woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! interesting not because of L but because of the Joo Sang Wook & !!!! :) Tom 4:25 pm I watched Birth of a beauty first & was going to comment on that show but after reading the comments there I decided to watch this Kdrama to make the comparison between & Birth of a beauty myself Let me state for the record "I have nothing against the actress" but I dislike the character she plays If I were him Ex or no Ex I'd tell her to kick rocks (leave & don't come back) Now let me state for the record again "I have nothing against the actress" & I have watched a number of Kdramas and she is the first character that I genuinely dislike and I have only watched 4 episodes. Could she have been a little too rash in divorcing her husband? Na Ae Ra ( ) marries the nerdy genius Cha Woo (Joo Sang Wook) but divorces him when he fails to achieve the success she wants Although a little self-absorbed Ae Ra learns that life is not that glamorous as a divorcée and learns to live on her own through sheer hard work But when Ae Ra finds out that her ex-husband went on to achieve success after their divorce and is now the president of D&T Software Ventures a venture capital company she schemes to win him back But can Ae Ra carry out her plan when Gook Seung Hyun (Seo Kang Joon) has his eyes set on her and his older sister Gook Yeo Jin (Kim Gyu Ri) also vies for Woo’s heart? “ ” also known as “Sly and Again” and “Devious Divorcée,” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Go. Yujin 4:31 pm Seo Kang Joon oppa is really such a great actor :) He's so funny and talented I'm so glad he's doing so well--super proud of him I love this drama and I'm really watching it for him! I want Kang Joon oppa to have a happy ending but I know Korean dramas aren't usually like that oh well I still love him the best :) He's so handsome and good looking :) I LOVE YOU SEO KANG JOON:) Frosty 11:41 am I love JW's over the top nerdish immature love sick kind of mania he is displaying towards AR Trai 10:50 am is so pretty but the chemistry between she and her husband was below average you guys should watch bride of the century it was the best drama I had ever watched since my love from another star Mike 5:43 pm Too amatuerish I mean c'mon - every time the character Na Ae-Ra is waiting for the elevator the character Cha -Woo is ALWAYS on it?!? Then it goes into the childish display of jealousy from Cha -Woo that just gets worn out in these Korean dramas I don't think Joo Sang-Wook is a good actor - comes off as being too silly (the laugh is absolutely irritating) - was the same way in "Fantastic." Gave up on this one. Maureen 1:02 pm Despite all the troubles unfortunately they both had a baby and that was love! There’s an old saying – Love is sweeter the second time around! I wish they’re getting back and hope for the best! Finish where they started! Mission accomplished! Janey 8:33 am This drama was superb,great couple I smiled a lot tru dis drama AR and CJW hwating!!!!! Ritta 7:01 am I'm gonna miss this drama! loved every second of it especially Joo Sang-Wook! Waiting for his next work :) ! maira 3:48 am It is sad that this drama ended already If only the drama has .sobs Inspirit Theint 1:02 pm Yeobo L Fighting!! Saranghae <3 <3 <3 Inspirit Theint 12:42 pm L Yeobo Fighting!! Saranghae <3 <3 <3 Amanda Nicole 2:06 am L oppa hwaiting!!! I'm going to watch it just for L oppa! Saranghae L oppa You're always e! <3 <3 I am sorry its just that i've watched a lot drama and really female main or supporting role are pretty Thank you maureen 11:05 am In English version – Aera is a title as if it is defined neither nor the opposites - not literally an object subject or a noun Obviously a verb! Am I right or am I right? It figures and it’s possible! Just for the record it’s the year’s most widely entertaining romantic ramp comedy Smashingly hilarious! Delightfully funny! To shay’! It’s only a short period to time but on the bright side they all pulled it off! Not to mention the V.I.P.’s Producer in motion picture film maker script editor Director make up arts fashion designer songs music sound tracks and the entire cast – nailed it out! You’re all remarkable and memorable! Thank you all so much for all your input! You’re will truly be missed! Paulene Jamie 7:35 pm first two episodes is not quite catchy however you'll get curious of how stunning is I like the drama though Watched it for 3 straight days every after work review 8:38 am A real instance of a class is called object or an instance. Hein 3:35 am This drama is Second actor Hwang Chan Sung Please cast!!!! :) hein 3:01 am Second actor Hwang Chan Sung :) proud yewon 6:44 am Another drama of LMJ ♥ THIS IS GONNA WORTH THE WAIT and i agree with fan Pls dont label special low-rating actress She is a very professional actress and i think. Jenny 9:08 pm This is awesome! Can't wait for episode 11 to be out! Oh my God I love this drama so much Please let Cha Jeong Woo and Na Ae Ra to get together again This time round I believe they will be even happier than before since they have gone through so much They will learn to understand each other and embrace one another flaws LOVE THIS DRAMA FIGHTING! ♥ Dyah 12:40 pm Aaaahhh can't wait for eps 11 please come out soon even just the preview :( Parkhee 6:57 pm grrrrrrrreat Kippy 2:26 am Wow this drama is so cute! I was a little skeptical about watching this drama at first since I thought it would be boring BUT NO IT WAS REALLY AWESOME I could see so much potential in this drama Excellent casting and story plot! -Two thumbs up- Arabic German Greek English Spanish French Indonesian Italian Japanese Polish Romanian Thai Tagalog Turkish Vietnamese and 31 more languages You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!. Na-Ae Ra didnot want a rich life I Thought She just want a normal life and stable life Then We Now too Joo Sang-Wook want to fulffil their dream to bulid their ideal house but firstl he must did not sacrifice her family He is arrogant F 4:26 pm I need episode 7 nowwww joRie 7:49 am I really like this kdrama I really like Na AeRas character and i'm on her side I understand Woo's sentiments but i kind of feel that he's more at fault I'm rooting for Seung-Hyun but as we all know in Kdramas he would not end up. © All rights reserved | Privacy Policy | Contact Ayu netri 11:33 pm many positive things that can be learned from each episode how to deal with a difficult domestic situation full of comedy and romance cool eric 9:45 pm Best k drama I have watch fantastic ost cast storyline simply daebak! deb 12:13 am one of my lovely drama series list nice story Highly recommended! Omegakamana 10:10 am one of the best korean drama ever watched really njoyed alot male n female lead have great chemistry its sad it ended so quick :) auntie polly 9:55 pm loved the series hated for it to end binge watched. Shinta Hapsari 8:43 am This kdrama crazy amazing!!! Made me laugh every episode they're so funny XD What will kook seung ask to cha joong wo? What will he do in episode 11 woaaah so exited and cant wait its cha joong wo fault to be selfish to ae ra they both still love each other but too afraid to said it haha maira 7:21 am LOL So im not the only one who wants the preview for ep 11 here? Oh Wednesday Please come faster L's fan 1:23 am I'm mainly watching this for L <333 but who knows maybe the drama will turn out really good ! ♫ How much I'm longing for you ♫ ♫ I don't know I really don't know ♫ ♫ Do you have to leave me like this? ♫ Maya 2:21 am omg i really love watching this drama! of course because of the stories and the casts LMJ and JSW was so funny and their have a charisma to each other Love the story lines! I had enjoyed watching until 13 eps and waiting for the next episode Ooh please why just 16 eps? give.